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The lonely one
The lonely one

Want to know how to become popular on 500 pixels?

Follow these simple steps:

  1. The most important thing is a good quality content. Guys, this is portal for photographers, so with snapshots from your phone you not gonna go far here. Try your best to capture great images and process them accordingly. Do not upload all the shots you made, pick only the best.
  2. Do not use the pics from the same location over and over again. People getting bored. Visit different places and show pictures of them.
  3. Regularity. Post regularly to see constant growth.
  4. This is social media. Therefore you have to interact with other people. So, like and comment on their pictures. Follow the photographers you like. I prefer to use fresh photos for this reason, as people tend to check their posts in a first our more often.

Also, visit my profile for some inspirations: https://500px.com/jackbespalov

Good luck to everybody!

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